Lush for Life - Boozy Bundle
Lush for Life - Boozy Bundle
Lush for Life - Boozy Bundle
Lush for Life - Boozy Bundle

Lush for Life - Boozy Bundle

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A sweet little bundle featuring all three of our gassed-up goodies. You get TEN sheets of our Cruisin' for a Bruisin' wrapping sheets, ONE Na Zdrowie drinking book and ONE Alcoholics Almanac Cocktails Calendar . We'll drink to that! 

Cruizin' for a Boozin' Wrapping Paper

Pick your poison with our custom illustrated set of cocktail inspired wrapping paper. Shaken or stirred, straight up or on the rocks. However you imbibe, you're going to love these saucy sheets.

Na Zdrowie! A Polish Drinking Handbook

A 24-page booklet packed with Polish drinking traditions and recipes. Learn how to make your own hooch, how to properly drink vodka, and how to cure the inevitable hangover, the Eastern European way (hint: it's pickles). Fun and informative and the perfect gift to complement a six-pack of Żywiec.

The Alcoholics Almanac Double-Sided Calendar

The back tells you how to make a dozen delicious Canadian-inspired cocktails. The front reminds you of what day it is after you've decided to try all twelve in a single lonesome sitting.



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