Zines & booklets (10 piece bundle)
Zines & booklets (10 piece bundle)
Zines & booklets (10 piece bundle)

Zines & booklets (10 piece bundle)

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Our Booklets come in 3 sizes, large (8.5"x11"), medium (7"x8.5") and small (5.5"x8.5")*. From short run, self publishing like comics and zines to creative and crafty projects like custom wedding programs or colouring books, there's lots of reasons you might need to make a booklet.

  • Saddle stitch with a staple
  • Leave un-stapled for DIY binding (books will remain folded and assembled)

Download the template for accurate file submission. *Dimensions are based on folded book size.

Large (8.5"x11")*

Medium (7"x8.5")*

Small (5.5"x8.5")*


Need larger or unique quantities? Email us for more info.


Cougar and Domtar smooth 70lb stock is known for it's refined and velvety surface. This is a great looking and feeling stock at a weight that's light yet substantial. FSC certified.

Our Xerox® Versant 80 Press achieves unprecedented results by combining 2400 x 2400 dpi imaging resolution with up to 1200 x 1200 x 10-bit rendering resolution. Four times more pixels than the digital press standard making for stunning results on every page and indiscernible from traditional offset.

EA Low Melt Dry Ink technology gives a smooth offset-like finish. The product of an advanced engineering process, the small, consistent particles produce outstanding image quality and uniformity. The unique properties of Xerox® EA dry ink are also environmentally friendly.