Submitting Files

How do I submit my files?
Once you order a product, we’ll send you an email that contains all the info you need to successfully submit your print files. Templates and guidelines will be available via this email, they can also be found below and on each product page.

What do I need to know about resolution?
Art and images should be submitted no lower than 300dpi to reproduce beautifully. We’ll check your files and make sure they’re press-ready and notify you if something isn’t right.

Do my files need bleed?
Nope, we don’t trim your products so no need for bleed or trim/crop marks. This saves us a step and you some money! If you really want to trim, you can do so when you pick up or get a hand trimmer of your own to do at your home or studio.

Do I need to convert my files to CMYK? Help! I don’t know anything about colour!
We print digitally and one of the benefits is that it will do the colour conversion for you! That said, it’s still best to convert if you can so you can see the most accurate representation of what your print will look like. RGB always looks a little lighter and brighter on screen than it will print due to the backlighting. Again, we will check your files for you and make sure they’ll reproduce the best they can. If anything looks off, we’ll flag and be sure to let you know.

How do I get my prints?
We have options for both pickup and shipping. If you’re in the Toronto area, swing by to pick up your prints. You’ll save a few bucks and meet some cool people :)

If you need your package to be shipped, the cost will be calculated at checkout and your prints will be shipped flat, wrapping paper in tube mailers.

I’m printing a booklet, how should I submit all the pages?
The best way to submit pages for a book is single pages and not as spreads so we can easily impose on this end.

Double check your files before submitting. Give things a once over, make sure it’s the correct version and that there’s no spelling mistakes.


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